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Did you know that mediated settlements are not enforceable in all countries around the world?  Unlike Arbitration Awards, mediation settlement agreements must be enforced by a lawsuit in the country of the non-compliant party to enforce the “contract” between the International Parties. 

GMXC was created specifically to administer and resolve cross-border commercial disputes under the New Jersey International Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Act.  GMXC follows the mandates of the Act to provide a hybrid dispute resolution process where, if mediation is successful, it will result in an enforceable Consent Arbitration Award under an international United Nations Treaty known as the New York Convention (more formally, the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards). This Treaty has been signed by 172 countries.

To start this process, the parties submit a pending dispute at any stage and in any forum for arbitration by GMXC, or they file a new arbitration with GMXC.  GMXC then appoints an Arbitrator who is also an International Mediation Institute (IMI) certified Mediator.  The parties proceed to mediation either in person or by videoconference. If they resolve the dispute in mediation, the Arbitration/Mediation/Arbitration process results in a Consent Arbitration Award enforceable around the world.
The GMXC Neutral Panel is comprised of highly qualified Arbitrators/Mediators who are both trained arbitrators and IMI-certified mediators.  Most disputes can be disposed of under GMXC’s flat fee schedule which includes two days of dispute resolution services including; an initial preliminary arbitration hearing, preparation in advance to review submitted documents, a mediation session, time for the Neutral to assist parties and their counsel in drafting a settlement agreement, and time to draft the Arbitral Consent Award. 

There is a solution available now and by videoconference.  Your solution need not be delayed.

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We combine a mediated settlement with a consent arbitration award that becomes enforceable in most countries.  This solution is quicker and less expensive than litigation without having to worry about where the lawsuit would be and whether a judgment would be enforceable where needed.

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
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Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a more effective method of resolving international disputes using the New Jersey International Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Act that makes mediated settlements effective in the greatest number of countries.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To make the world a more peaceful place for business transactions 

Our History

Our History

GMXC was founded as the first "center" in 2020 under the NJ International Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Act, signed into law by NJ Governor Christie in 2017.  

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