All fees are due and payable by the parties in advance.  Parties may pay fees through Law Pay using a credit or debit card.

Initial Deposit.  An initial non-refundable deposit of $1,000 must be paid with the filing of the Submissions Agreement.  Once we have reviewed your submission and agreed to serve as the Neutral, the parties must pay the balance of the full fee due in connection with the matter before GMXC can continue to administer the matter.

Full Fee $8000.  The full fee for arbitration-mediation-arbitration of a matter is based on the length of the dispute resolution proceedings and whether or not the parties have asserted counterclaims.  The minimum full fee includes two days of dispute resolution services including; an initial preliminary arbitration hearing, preparation in advance to review submitted documents, a mediation session, time for the Neutral to assist parties and their counsel in drafting a settlement agreement, and time to draft the Arbitral Consent Award.  The full fee for a matter without counterclaims is $8,000.  Additional days/hours in dispute resolution proceedings will be charged at the daily/hourly rate of the Neutral.  Except as provided below, this fee is non-refundable.

Refund if No Consent Award.  If the parties actively participate in the arbitration-mediation-arbitration proceeding, but nevertheless do not reach a settlement in mediation, GMXC will refund $2,000 of the fee, upon termination of the proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Submission Agreement.